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Here's what our customers are saying...

During the last two-thirds of my seventy-five years, I have been asked to provide quite a few testimonials and written opinions on various goods and services.

This is one testimonial I couldn’t wait to get on paper...Why? Because I wanted to see if I could even come close to doing justice to what I consider to be the most AMAZING combination of advanced Biomedical technology (QXCI/SCIO) and human interactive skills I have ever encountered.

Even if you haven’t studied Vibrational Medicine, or thought about analysis and therapy at the cellular level, you will come to appreciate what JAN MCNUTT has to offer at DFW Biofeedback. This will happen before you are ten minutes into your first session with Jan and will continue to grow as you realize the near and long-term benefits of her ability to guide the accurate reporting of biological reactivity and resonance in your body through the QXCI/SCIO program.

Just imagine visiting a health practitioner who was able to analyze your body and within an hour or so, tell you which of your systems needed attention; even if you weren’t aware of a problem.

If that practitioner could then provide therapy on the spot or recommend specific medical treatment, wouldn’t you feel you had found the physician of the future?

In my opinion, the unique BIOFEEDBACK system JAN MCNUTT employs really does represent the future of Medicine, where the guesswork of traditional diagnosis is replaced by DIRECT MESSAGING from the very cells of your body. Science. Not guesswork.

Finally, I offer my experience with Jan’s system as proof of its value. Problem areas within my body, including weaknesses, sensitivities and allergies, were uncovered, which no amount of blood testing could have revealed. Appropriate therapy was applied, with excellent results.

There is more - a lot more - which I will be eager to relate to anyone interested!

John Wells



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