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Q & A

How Does It Work?

Q. What happens after you are scanned?
A.  Once the QXCI has measured vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, disease, bacteria moulds, fungi, viruses and the health and balance of internal organs, it then compares these figures against a "norm".  Biofeedback can begin at this point to assist the body to achieve balance.

Q. Who can benefit from QXCI Biofeedback?
A.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from QXCI Biofeedback. Consider the stress and diet associated with the American lifestyle, each of us have our own set of imbalances that with assistance of biofeedback we can build a stronger resistance and immunity.

Q. Is the QXCI suitable for children?
A.The QXCI I ideally suited to children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate with what they are suffering. Children experiencing physical and behavioural problems have seen considerable improvements with Biofeedback.
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