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 Dr. Jan M. McNutt, D.Min, Owner

I want to share with you the events that lead me to open DFW  Biofeedback

Several of years ago I was very ill and could not get well through conventional medicine.  Under doctor's care, I tried various treatments and medications.  For six months I flew to Houston, Texas for treatment, but was unable to continue them due to the side effects.  The medication was causing me to have an irregular EKG and that caused me to have go for extensive testing with a Cardiologist.  Thank God there was no damage to my heart , but I was not allowed to go back into treatment in the Houston program.

I was advised by my physicians to accept the illness and learn to cope with it.  Their idea of managing my illness was to prescribe pain killers and anti-depressants as a solution to "learning to live with my disease". Oh yes, one more thing.... I would qualify for disability benefits.....This was unacceptable to me.

After years of suffering with the pain, I was told about biofeedback by another patient who was taking physical therapy with me.  She suffers with Lou Gehrig Disease and had endured many tests and treatments.  In her pursuit for relief of symptoms, someone suggested she give biofeedback a try. It became very valueable part of her treatment plan.  She convinced me to have a scan done.  I was amazed at the information the machine was able to give me.  It confirmed and revealed many things that was going on in my body.  Through a course of the biofeedback therapy and the application of  alternative medicine, I am happy to say I have been pain free for six years now.

It became my passion to study biofeedback so that I could, if possible, help those that had come to the same point of frustration with their illness as I had with mine.  I  hope as you search this website, something will spark hope in your situation, and that you will at least consider experiencing biofeedback for yourself.

I wish you well in your quest for wellness.


Dr. Jan McNutt, D. Min

P.S.  I want to make it very clear, I am not opposed to conventional medicine.  Doctors do not always have the answers for all their patients.  They often say about themselves that they are "practicing medicine".   I'm sure they want their patients to be well as much as the patient desires to be well.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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